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Tippmann Bravo One

Tippmann Bravo One
The Tippmann Bravo One marker is a mock replica of the M16/M4 rifle with it’s body completed casted to represent the same look. The 11″ Barrel & M16 Shroud and the six position collapsible stock will complete the look which is also included with the marker itself. The mock M16 magazine is also included as constructed with plastic to help keep the weight off but retain the great look of the product. The Bravo One marker great appearance and great performance with it’s high reliable 98 valve system in place! Look great and play greater!

Tippmann Sierra One

Tippmann Bravo One
The Tippmann Sierra One is a new great looking marker with many rails for tactical attachements. The marker comes with a foldable six position stock that can be extended to accommodates different arms lengths but also be compact for CQB situations. The AR15 style magazine adds to the look of the marker and doubles as a tool kit. The flat top picatinny along the top of the rail and 4 parts of the shroud allows for scopes, red dots, flash lights, lasers or fore grips to be attach that can give you the tactical advantage over other players. The marker is built on the legendary reliable Tippmann 98 Custom marker platform that is built tough and last through out the ages. Pick up the Tippmann Sierra One marker and get something that both looks great and will last as long as you play.

Tippmann Tango One

Tippmann Tango One
The Tippmann Tango One marker is built for the beginner or experience player who is lookign for a dependable compact marker that is able to attach weaver base accessories. Still keeping with the die casted aluminum receiver body and keeping the same internals as the proven reliable Tippmann 98 design valve system which proves and keeps it’s legendary reliability. With it’s weaver rail system featured along the top of the marker and all 4 sides of the shroud will held attach any accessory that is weaver / 7/8″ base to help improve your game and also give a milsim appearance out of the box without any extra accessories needing to be purchased.

Tippman 98 Custom

Tippmann 98 Custom
The team at Tippmann does it again. The Tippman 98 Custom has emerged as one of the hottest paintball guns on the market. The mad scientists at Tippman left many core features of the original 98 Custom including all aluminum die cast receiver, and quick-release feeder elbow, while adding some awesome new features such as: Split Receiver Design, Secure Front Sight Spring and Trigger Pins, Redesigned Vertical Front Grip and more!


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